It’s a Leicester thing.

As Leicester’s first craft brewery, we are proud to be part of our city’s rich cultural present and are inspired by its craft-driven industrial history.

Our limited edition beer is brewed from a handsome Victorian red brick building in Leicester’s industrial heartland.

We call our recipes patterns because it relates back to the patterns used by Framework knitters after which we take our name.


We brew modern beer in small quantities for smart drinkers and forward thinkers who share our belief that beer should be made in infinite variety using the finest ingredients.


Whether innovating on long established traditions or experimenting with new techniques and technology, every beer is brewed with the utmost respect and a whole lotta love.


We brew with care and responsibility. We are community minded, environmentally aware, quality obsessed and seasonally reactive.


With each pattern number, our beers change and develop to keep our drinkers’ glasses full with really good beer - both twists on an established styles and boundary-pushing new brews.


Our Story

Andrew, Jonathan (JB to his friends), Mat, Jim and Mick are the frameworking co-founders of this beautiful little brewery. A love of good beer and a lack of it being brewed in our fair city brought them together…

Andrew and JB were public sector co-workers and keen homebrewers who shared their beer via the magic of the internal mail system.

Concurrently, along with a bunch of other beer enthusiasts (eyup WPBF crew), Mat and JB instigated a charity beer festival in their West-Leicester homeland.

Mat, Jim and Mick have known each other for longer than they can remember and have been building businesses together for over a decade. They have been enjoying good beer together for far longer than that.

One fateful night in February 2016, JB & Mat were invited to Andrew’s house for a tasting session of his latest experiments… As the hop haze of the already pub-quality beer settled on the palates of the three, an idea formed and quickly blossomed.

The idea caused a chain reaction which resulted in Mat’s eulogy to Jim and Mick and by November the keys to a beautiful redbrick building were in hand and the stainless steel was being installed.

By the middle of December, the first beer, Pattern #USP0001 US Pale Ale was in cask and bottle. The good people of Leicester had had their first taste of Framework – and they liked it.

Since those early days, Framework’s beer has found its way – in Cask, KegKeg and bottle – to every county in the UK, with new brews and new pattern numbers being released on a weekly basis.

It’s safe to say we love what we do, we hope you will too.


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